séminaire du pole évolution du vivant

"Stoichiometric modeling in aquatic ecosystems" - Hao Wan, University of Alberta - vendredi 21 Janvier 2011 à 11h, amphi. Monge








We carried out a microcosm experiment evaluating competition of an invasive species Daphnia lumholtzi with a widespread native species, Daphnia pulex. We applied two light treatments to these two different microcosms and found strong context-dependent competitive exclusion in  both treatments. To better understand these results we developed and tested a mechanistically formulated stoichiometric model. This model exhibits chaotic coexistence of the competing species of Daphnia. The rich dynamics of this model as well as the experiment allow us to suggest some plausible strategies to control the invasive species D. lumholtzi.

Hao Wang
Department of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences,
University of Alberta

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